SCP: Secret Laboratory Guide


 Out of this anomalous community has come a handful of games, including games like "SCP: Containment Breach". This game was made as a single player horror revolving around escaping the facility while dodging the many different anomalies as a "D-Class". Another game is SCP-087: Recovered Document. There are other smaller titles made by indie developers but the big one I feel is worth talking about in this article, is SCP: Secret Laboratory.


                                                                                                     The Game


 SCP: Secret Laboratory is made by a developer named Hubert Moszka. This game is the first multiplayer game that can be played with anyone. It is free to play and not that big of an install size. This game is driven by their community who creates servers for more people to play on. The major thing about this game, however, is that there is no tutorial yet, which is being considered. This game is easier to master once you figure out what, and why, everything exists.


                                                                                                What they are


Let's start with the basic classes in the game.


D-Class Personnel: This is known as "D-Bois". D-Class are to find keycards, upgrade their cards, and get out of the facility. They are saved by "Chaos-Insurgency", or picked off by Scientists, Nine-Tailed Fox, or SCPs.


Scientist: These are known as "Nerds" in the community and typically avoid the D-Class. They spawn with a standard scientist keycard which can only open places like the 012, 914, and 096's chamber. Their job is to also escape the facility. They are saved by Nine-Tailed Fox, or killed by SCPs, D-Class, and Chaos-Insurgency.


Facility Guards: These were added to the game to create earlier conflicts for the SCPs. Considered the worst class in the game, their job is to get out of the Entrance Zone, and into Light Containment. They will likely be attacked by SCPs before they can rescue Scientists and kill D-Class. They are a basic version of Nine-Tailed Fox and are killed by D-Class, Chaos-Insurgency, and SCPs.


Nine-Tailed Fox: Nine-Tailed Fox, or MTF (Mobile Task Force) for short, is divided into 3 different classes. Cadets are the lowest rank and have the weakest keycards. Lieutenants are the next class up, getting a card that can open gates. Commander is the top class and can open most of the rooms. Nine-Tailed Fox is the foundation's force to secure the facility, protect the people around, and contain the anomalies inside the base. They protect Facility Guards, and Scientists, but have the option to detain D-Class and if a mod is enabled in the server, they can be turned into Cadets. Chaos-Insurgency will kill them on site along with SCPs.


Chaos-Insurgency: This class is a branch of The Foundation that left to conduct their own experiments. They want to rescue the D-Class, try to protect what SCPs will not murder them on sight, and remove all Scientists, and MTF in the facility.


SCPs: SCPs are anomalies who can kill all the classes but choose to work with whoever they want. Some servers, however, do not like teaming with classes you are not supposed to team with. SCPs typically can work with D-Class if they find it suitable, and Chaos Insurgency.

  049: The first SCP, is considered "Plague Doctor" as his goal is to cure people of the disease. Using this SCP allows you to create an army of "049-2s" who serve under your command. Hold E to revive those unfortunate enough to walk into you.

  049-2: This SCP is a basic anomaly created by 049, they have one basic attack and can speak with all SCPs.

  096: This SCP is considered "Shy-Guy" by the community because of his inability to be looked at. 096 is an SCP that is triggered by you looking at it. He has the ability to hit E on doors and break them. He also has a basic left mouse click ability that can one-shot everything in the game.

  106: 106, or "Larry" as some call him, can walk through doors and have a teleporter. When clicking unfortunate victims, you send them to the pocket dimension with only 1 direction being the way out. The downside to his gameplay is anyone with the highest tier card can go in, sacrifice someone, and press a shiny red button that seals your fate.

  173: 173, or "Peanut", is the SCP a lot of players like to worship. His ability is to insta-snap any neck. He is also incredibly fast for a concrete statue. The only downside is he stops moving if you look at him. You, however, will blink every 3 seconds to allow Peanut to move.

  939s: There are two 939s who may spawn, one gets faster as you shoot it, and one bites harder the lower his health. They are the only SCPs who can speak to the other classes. They are also the only ones able to sprint.

 Non-Playable SCPs: You are unable to play as 079 currently. This may change in the next month, however. 914 is the last SCP that you cannot play as, because let's face it, you would not like to upgrade keycards the rest of your life.


                                                                                                    The Items


 The game is full of items that can aid you in your escape out of the facility, some are more useful than others. Items are used by every class except for the SCPs.


Cards: The basic card is the Janitor card, which can barely open anything in the entire game. It can, however, open 914, to be upgraded. The next card up is a Scientist card which can open up 914, 096’s chamber, and 012. Major Scientist is next, and it does literally the same thing. The Guard card can open armories, 914, and 012. Cadet cards can open 096’s chamber with everything a Guard can do. Lieutenant cards can open all of that, plus Gate A and B. Commander and Chaos card open everything, except 106’s chamber, and 079’s chamber which is not in the game currently. An easy way to get the Micro HID is to use a chaos or commander card. 05 is the best card and can open everything including the warhead room.

Weapons: The pistol is the basic weapon you can find in either 173’s chamber, GR, 012, or WC. It deals the most damage per shot. MP7 is the next up, dealing the second most damage to shot ratio. It spawns in the Light Containment Zone Armory. The next is an upgraded P90 that does burst amounts of damage. The Epsilon gun is the next most powerful gun being a sniper and an assault rifle all in one. This is found in 049’s chamber and the nuke room. The Logicer is the fast and heavy machine gun that does the least amount of damage but has 200 bullets you can rapid fire with. The strongest gun is the Micro HID, which will insta-kill everything in the entire game, leaving you safe, and the SCPs toast.


                                                                                              In Conclusion


This game is free to play and brings a lot to the table in terms of community, and gameplay. What really sets this game up, is the fact that each character is another human being. This means friendships dictate how you play the match. For anyone looking to join a friendly server for beginners, join Kurva Gaming, as it is one of the most moderated servers I have found. There hasn’t been to many games like this around, especially how well taken care of it is. The newest update will come this month and certainly shake up how it plays.


Text by: RedWater