New game: Kabounce


Did you got excited watching the trailer above? Then keep on reading for more information.
Kabounce is an unreleased game as it is still in development. Which will be available on the PlayStation® 4 and PC.

As we can see from the teaser trailer, Kabounce is a new take on the traditional Pinball games as we know today.
One of the major differences here is that you have full control over your Pinball. For more information about how to play this game head over to 

Release date

The release date of Kabounce is still unknown. however, from the information that I could gather, I suspect this holiday or early next year. Originally, Stich Heads (The developers behind Kabounce) were looking for a 2017 release.

But sadly that didn't happen. The good news is that they will have more time polishing the game and add even more content to the game. Which is only good in the end.


Yes, there will be a beta of the game. Though it is still unclear whether this will be an open or closed beta. Only time will tell.