Text By: Blackrock

What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a survival game that puts you into a blocky world with many creatures like creepers. There are 2 different game modes: Survival and Creative. Minecraft was released in 2009 on the 17 May. Many players like Minecraft because of the community and game modes available in multiplayer mode. There have been many updates since then. Minecraft is supported on many platforms like PC which uses Java Edition and Pocket Edition for Windows 10 and Mobile. It’s also available on consoles for the PS4 and Xbox.

What can you do?
Inside of Minecraft, you can do many things like Crafting, Killing, Farming, Surviving and building many structures. One of my favorite game modes in Minecraft Is the creative mode it allows you to build whatever you want. Inside of creative mode, you can build your own maps and even make the complicate Redstone creations that you see on YouTube. Many people from all ages play Minecraft to have fun and be creative to make brand new things and to create new builds and maps. You can do many things inside of Minecraft and even create your own mods to bring even more items into the game. Many mods have been created for Minecraft already and are released you need to use Java Eclipse IDE for making mods.

Survival Mode
Survival mode is divided into 2 types Hardcode and normal. If you like to fight more mobs and try a challenge try out hardcore mode. If you’re just starting out inside of Minecraft I would recommend regular survival mode or even creative mode. You need to be careful day and night lasts 20min you will need to build shelter the first thing once you create a new world or join a server. Survival mode can be customized in 2 world types but Flat World type isn’t recommended. We recommend you use other options or presets.

Creative Mode
Creative mode is one of the much favorite game modes you can build amazing builds, structures. Your creativity is key to make your hard work worth it. Many players like to have their builds featured inside the Minecraft community. Creative mode gives you unlimited resources and custom options like to set the daylight time forever instead of having day and night cycle. You can also use commands to make cool options for your world. You can make a creative world in Flat Terrain or Normal Terrain like survival. But Flat Terrain Survival isn’t recommended since you do not have resources in a flat world.

Many servers like Hypixel and Mineplex are dominating the Minecraft servers. These servers include many game modes like skywards, wars and many more. They include ranks and rewards for donating. You can unlock some lobby items and chests when you buy the ultra rank. Many new servers are appearing but are dying this is because the servers cant be funded. Multiplayer allows you to play with your friends in a world or a server to have fun during the game and to try out new things. You can also host your own servers or realms to invite your friends. Once you host your own server you make your own rules.

Who created Minecraft?
Notch created Minecraft a while ago around in 2009. Around 2010 – 2018 Minecraft got sold to Microsoft and was purchased. Since then the updates in Minecraft has been coming faster and the community doesn’t like Microsoft but they have no choice. Microsoft has bought Minecraft for millions of dollars just to get more popular and get more income out of it.

Why do I play Minecraft?
I play Minecraft because when you have nothing to do. I mostly play it for fun and I get creative, I mostly build Redstone contraptions. I don’t play it much anymore but I still play it a little and host my own servers. I like building Redstone computers and working with command blocks to create new maps and new creations every day. It takes quite a long time to make this but I can do it eventually.

Minecraft Community
The Minecraft community is weird. We have some griefers and some nice people who help the community. We also have hackers who try to attack others servers to make damage to their communities and try to destroy them. We also have YouTubers who want to make videos on the community and servers every day to help out, they make an income depending on how popular their videos are. We also have the Minecraft fans who buy anything related to Minecraft and collects toys from companies.