Jurassic World Evolution




What Is It?

Jurassic Word Evolution is a game where you create your own Jurassic Park. You complete challenges and tasks in missions to level up your security, science and entertainment department. The game isn’t cheap for 60$ USD to play it but it is worth it if you like Jurassic World!



Jurassic World Evolution Includes all the dinosaurs from Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. You can get special dinosaurs like the Indominus Rex, Indo Raptor inside DLC that you can buy. Jurassic World Evolution has released free DLC’s for players but the newer ones are paid. Many new updates bring new dinosaurs into the game and new features!



In the game, we have multiple structures like Research Centre, ACU, Shops, Dino Pens, and many more structures. Structures influence the visitors inside of your park you must give a balanced Security, Entertainment and Science to your visitors else they will leave. The more visitors you get the more stars you get.



In Jurassic World Evolution you have many islands like Isla Muerta, Isla Tacano, Isla Sorna, Isla Pena and Isla Nublar. You can unlock them by getting more stars on other islands. Some islands have storms inside of them and it is harder to make your park stable because of the big storms like Tornados, Rain and many more. There is a secret Island you unlock when you get all the islands unlocked where you can play in creative mode with unlimited money. You can use your creativity and build whatever you want.


Creative Mode

Creative mode is very nice in Jurassic World Evolution once you have completed all the challenges you can build your own arenas and fight dinosaurs you have unlocked. You can’t hatch dinosaurs that you did not unlock during the normal gameplay. All the money and progress you made inside of creative mode does not affect your normal game mode.



Money is very important during your gameplay if you run out of it you will suffer from a Bankrupt. Some Islands are inside of a bankrupt and you must save the islands using your other islands to collect fossils and sell them to get more funding to give your park a chance to survive. Once you don’t have enough money, your bank account goes into the minus and you are screwed since the game comes harder and you can’t hatch dinosaurs because they are very expensive to hatch.



Personally, I think the graphics are just amazing. Once you get inside the game it feels like you are embedded inside of the game inside the real world with living dinosaurs. The game can be run on most newer computers from 2016-2017. It requires a GPU to be run you can't play the game without a decent GPU and CPU. The graphics are very nice with the shadows and the trees. It feels very realistic.



Your park needs the energy to stay functioning all your buildings will require a source of power to be functional. If your power runs out your visitors won’t be able to visit this building, meaning you will lose stars. Losing stars can make you bankrupt very quickly so, you must find a solution quickly. You have multiple options like selling fossils, dinos and more! This is one of the most important parts of the game and one of the most challenging to maintain.


The Objective of the Game

The objective of the game is to make your park stable and to gain enough money to make your park bigger. Once you get bigger you get more stars. Dinosaurs are very important for your visitors since they provide them Entertainment so they will give you more stars.


Is it worth it?

It depends, for myself I don’t play this game often so for me it wasn’t worth it for 60$ I could have saved for other things but the price of the game is very understandable with all the work made into this with the original Jurassic World dinosaur models. This game funds the movie to make the new ones. If you’re a big fan of Jurassic World go ahead and buy it, I really recommend it to you but once you finish all the challenges it will get boring. There is no multiplayer mode currently but maybe they will add one.


Text By: Blackrock