GeForce Now



What is GeForce Now?

GeForce now is a cloud gaming server company who offers users with computers that can’t run the demanded specs to run their games. GeForce Now can help users play top graphics games and play them without any latency and lag for the requirement of a good internet connection. GeForce Now is available in the US only for beta access.


What Is the Beta Access?

The beta access allows you to play unlimited games during the Beta Access for 0$ per month. You can play each game for 4h until it disconnects you. You will need to find another server to connect and continue playing. This is for fair use of the service and that everyone can have a chance.


Can it run Fortnite?

Yes! You can play Fortnite on GeForce now at a unbelievable 400fps with no latency as long as your internet can handle the streaming of video feed of the client. You should be able to fight and build very fast without any input latency.


When does the Beta Access End?

The beta access will end sometime around 2019-2020. You will be able to enjoy your games for a new year until it becomes paid but once it does feel free to subscribe to this service to continue playing your games! The price will not be so high because Nvidia makes a ton of money with their GPU market. So, you should be able to play a ton of matches of Fortnite or any other games for a while.


Why do I get a message that I’m in queues?

GeForce Now is very overloaded at the moment with requests and it takes time for Nvidia to accept them all. You will be accepted in less than a year. Sometimes you will not get accepted if your location does not have GeForce Now available. You will need to wait until it will be available or wait until your location is available. If it is not available before it becomes a paid service, you will need to pay sadly.

What if my internet is not good?

If your internet is not good enough, you will not be able to play any games at all on GeForce now. You will need to upgrade your internet before proceeding to play. It is not possible to play with an internet connection lower than 13 MB/s. We recommend you have at least 20 MB/s or more to have smooth gameplay and clear display of your game.


Can my computer run it?

Yes, any computer or tablet can run GeForce Now! You only need the application and a good internet connection to continue playing your favourite games. If you are on a very old PC that runs Windows XP, you will not be able to run it unless you update. The software is only available for Windows machines running windows 7 or higher. You need a Core Duo 2 Or higher to run this application and at least an internet connection of 20 MB/s and you're all set!


Text By : Blackrock