Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6


Article Written by: PotatoRick & Blackrock


A brand new season of Fortnite Battle Royale has landed upon us once again.

This article is all about the newest challenges and changes to this season of Fortnite

have any trouble finding some of those pesky spots? this is the place to be!

[NOTE] Any of the weekly challenges can only be unlocked once you have bought the battle pass for this season)


What’s new?

In this new season of Fortnite there all lots of new challenges and unlockables


Of Course you have your brand new battle pass with a brand new level 100 Reward, let’s start off with the first thing: What do you get right from the start?

here is a small list of items you are able to get right from the start when you buy the brand new battle pass:

  • [Epic] Dj Yonder skin

  • [Legendary] 6 part Calamity skin

  • 50% XP boost for yourself

  • 10% XP boost for you and your friends when you play with them

  • Weekly Challenges

  • Calamity Challenges

  • Hunting Party Challenges




The other big new addition is pets, We currently have 3 pets available in Fortnite Battle Royal they are the Dogs, Dragons, and Lizards. They are very cute and fun to play with. They can be unlocked via the Battle Pass of season 6.


Item Changes


Our fellow friends at Epic Games has brought us some new items to play around into the game. Some of these items are Shadow Stones you can consume them to turn into a ghost and fly around the map.

Changes to the map:

As seen in the beginning intro you get after you start the new updated version of Fortnite Battle Royale you will find out that Loot Lake has been changed quite a bit, A little bit before Season 6 became live, Loot Lake Had changed it waters from blue to a nice and springy purple after the Mysterious Cube landed in there.

Right now whenever you visit Loot Lake you will find out that it is in fact Floating.

There are quite a couple of chests there right now. Which of course means that a lot of people will try landing there (for those people who want a little bit more piece in Tilted Towers). Here in Loot Lake You can now get under the floating island and find about 6 different chests under there, on top of the island you will most likely find about 7 to 8 different chests all around the island.


Weekly Challenges:

This is stil W.I.P. check back next week for the other challenges

Week 1:

Challenge 1: The 7 Street Lamps

These are the Locations of the 7 Street Lamps you have to dance under for you to complete the 1st weekly challenges:

  • Lamp #1 [on map: E9] In the unnamed urban area, northeast of Flush Factory. 

  • Lamp #2 [on map: C7] In Greasy Grove, next to the Durrr Burger.

  • Lamp #3 [on map: C5] In the small unnamed urban area, west of Tilted Towers. 

  • Lamp #4 [on map: D5] In Tilted Towers, in the northwest corner.

  • Lamp #5 [on map: D6] Also in Tilted Tower, this time in the southeast corner.

  • Lamp #6 [on map: C3] On the northern edge of Pleasant Park.

  • Lamp #7 [on map: F2] In the parking lot north of Lazy Links.


Challenge 2: Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: There’s a farm just east of Paradise Palms in the desert biome. The star is located on the red tractor, on the hill just southwest of the farm.  
  •  [on map: J8] Right on the edge of the square, floating on top of a red tractor near the farmstead.