Deponia game overview


Welcome to Deponia, one of my favorite games released in January 2012, where the world has degenerated into a vast garbage dump, this is the place where you can play as Rufus, a person with the *cough* best ideas *cough* to leave the world and reach Elysium, the high above Deponia floating town, or space station respectively, Elysium is the home of the “rich”, the inhabitants are called “Elysians” and it's assumed that they don't need to work and lead a perfect, care-free life.

Elysium decided to blow up Deponia, by using the blast from the explosion they could reach Utopia, a nearby planet with better resources than Deponia, the reason they want to blow up Deponia is that they think the world below is uninhabited.

In one of Rufus “brilliant ideas” he managed to reach a cruiser, that follows a path to one of the towers, where one of the explosions will be activated, while trying to climb the tower he sees a girl called Goal being arrested by Organon, a clone army under the rule of prime controller Ulysses and bailiff Argus.

Rufus with his brilliant mind he tried to save her, but he just managed to knock her out… (really Rufus really? -_-), then he got pushed out of the cruiser by the Organon, well back to Deponia I guess.

I’m going to stop talking about the story of the game because I might spoil it, let’s just talk about how the game works.

Deponia is a point and click adventure game with:

  • Unique comic style with hand-drawn HD resolution 2D graphics
  • Bizarre characters and wacky humor
  • Challenging puzzles and hours of dialogue
  • Hidden easter-eggs
  • Fails, fails, fails and more…. (You know what I’m going to say right?)
  • Great soundtrack

Let’s watch the trailer together:


Here are some screenshots of the main town:


Here we have the most important feature that you need to use all the time, I PRESENT TO YOU, YOUR INVENTORY:

I hope you guys will play this game, love it and find all the easter eggs, and you have 3 more games after this one to reach Elysium and stop the destruction of Deponia. 

Here is the order of story: Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia and Deponia Doomsday.                                                                                                                                                                                         



                                                                                                      DevilFox15 out….