Dauntless review


Hi there, it’s been a while since the last time I made a review so let’s get back to work.

Today I’m going to talk about Dauntless.

Dauntless is a game that looks like a free knockoff version of monster hunter that I personally enjoy playing alone or sometimes with friends,  this game has so much potential to be a great game except the permanent cross-platform since this game is available on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo switch and PC.

Let’s see the pros and cons of this game.

Starting with the cons:

  • Permanent cross-platform with no option to remove it.
  • No story mode.
  • Not enough options at the start/end of the hunt (kick, report, stay with the same players, replay the hunt).
  • Redoing the same hunt over and over again to get the specific item (we should have an item/boost to have higher chances to get the item that we need, mastery can have a level that gives higher chance but it’s not enough).
  • Not enough quests.
  • Hunt pass/battle pass.
  • No penalty for rage quitters.


Now with the pros:

  • Full character customization.
  • A big list of well detailed behemoths to hunt.
  • Breakable body parts on the behemoths (to create some gear it will demand specific body parts, some behemoths can have some body parts that you can cut off like tail and horns) .
  • Behemoths with elemental powers (neutral/no special powers, blaze/fire, frost/ice, shock/electric, terra/grass, radiant/light, umbral/darkness).
  • Armor from each behemoth to craft.
  • A huge selection of weapons (swords, axes, hammers, war pikes, chained blades, repeaters/guns, aether-strikers).
  • Trials aka timed hunts where you can get special coins to unlock weapon skills or special weapons.
  • Escalation mode where you need to hunt multiple behemoths in a single run, there is 2 modes where the first mode allows you to hunt behemoths in a danger zone between level 1 and 13, the second mode allows you to hunt stronger behemoths in a danger zone between level 10 and 40 and once you beat the all fast enough your hunt group will have the chance to hunt for a special behemoth at the end of the escalation, the special behemoths can’t be found outside of the escalation, for now there is only 2 types of escalations (blaze and shock, but in the roadmap of the game it says that the next escalation that they will add if a umbral element).  
  • Mastery levels for each weapons, behemoths, and slayer.
  • Patrols (the only way to get elemental orbs to upgrade your gear).
  • Cells aka runes to get higher stats like damage, heal, etc.
  • Lanterns that uses the powers of the behemoth that it was created from.
  • Amazing lobby to buy/upgrade your gear or to just meet up with your friends.
  • Bounties to help you level up your hunt pass faster (you need bounty coins to unlock them but you can get 2 coins a day).
  • Emotes/hunt arrival emotes.
  • Daily login rewards.


That is a long list of pros I know, I’m sorry but enough with the small talk, let’s go big:

At the beginning of the adventure you have a small main quest that will show you the tutorial with a nice and funny cinematic (if you have created a funny looking character since he will be on the cinematic). 

After you completed the tutorial you will be sent to the main lobby called Ramsgate, Ramsgate is a floating island in the Shattered isles.

“What are the Shattered isles?” You might think.

Well imagine our world being torn apart by some magic and flying around the sky without falling

“How are they flying?” You might ask

The islands are staying in the air because there is this magical substance called “Aether” that Aether is something that hunters can use to restore health on the hunts; since a small person can’t use all of the Aether in the island it’s not harmful for the world, except for the behemoths, the behemoths feed on that Aether and that makes them stronger and bigger, they are the ones that are destroying the world by taking all the Aether from the island and that’s the reason you the hunter need to kill them.

Here is some behemoths:

These are  already dead but you can see the size compared to me (btw if you think that is big just wait until you see the behemoth in the escalations, I’m not going to spoil it, you will have to play the game to see for yourself).

Each behemoth has their own skills and they get new ones once they get enraged, they are not dumb monsters they are really smart since once they sense high danger or when they feel that they took a lot of damage they will run away and heal.

If you want them to stay in place once they feel that danger you can block them by breaking parts or stun them with hammers.

Let’s talk about weapons (every weapon has combos and skills that you can change once you have a high mastery for that type):

Swords: they can be used to fast attack body parts or you can use a heavy attack to interrupt behemoths that are charging at you. 

Axes and hammers: perfect tools to interrupt behemoths but slow and high power attacks, hammers can stagger behemoths easily saying they can KO/stun a behemoth for an easy punching bag, hammers can also be shotguns that use Aether as ammunition.

War-pikes: fast attack weapon that can create wounds on behemoths, body parts that are wounded will take more damage than normal.

Chained-blades: fast combo attacks and heavy AOE (area of effect) attacks.

Repeaters/guns: perfect tools if you want to keep your distance away from the attacks or you want time to dodge, repeaters are the only weapon that you need to craft every single part to be able to use it but it allows you to be more specialized in all kinds of attacks, if you reload near a behemoth you will take his Aether and your gun will become powered and you will be able to get stronger skill and deal bigger damage.

Aether-strikers: they are the fastest weapon in the game since they are “boxing gloves” and the behemoth will become the sandbag, the strikers have a huge list of combos so you will need to look at it carefully.

All weapon except the repeaters have a heavy attack that can interrupt the behemoths.

To be able to interrupt the behemoths with the repeaters you need to use the landmine skill, once the landmine is fully charged it will interrupt the behemoth once it runs into it.

You will need to upgrade all the gear you have to be able to defeat the stronger behemoths, the higher you go the worse the pain will get.

To be able to upgrade your weapons to the max you need to have a high mastery in that specific weapon (there is 50 levels of mastery for slayer and behemoth while the weapons have a max mastery level of 20).

Each hunt will allow you to revive yourself 3 times or some stronger hunts will allow you to revive once but that’s why you are going to the hunt with a team, that way you can revive each other without using the revive item BUT pay close attention to the danger meter, once it reaches 100% you can’t revive your teammates but if you have the revive item you can revive yourself even in the 100% danger meter.

Once you login you are allowed to collect 10 shiny orbs around the lobby that will give you 5 exp each for the hunt pass or you can also do bounties, some bounties can give 20-40-100 exp points for the pass.

You get 2 bounty coins per day or you can also collect bounty coins on the daily login reward at the store (take note that the login rewards are random, you don’t know what you might get).

For the fun part, when you are at the lobby you might find dogs and rams around the area that you are allowed to pet, PET THE ANIMALS 10/10 would pet again. 

 For me this game is a blast, if you havent played it yet you should, it will be worth the time.


                                                                                                 DevilFox15 out…..