Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4


Article by PotatoRick

The Newest game in the Black Ops series will be released soon. Here are some of the features and additions that we have never seen before in any other Call Of Duty game.


What’s New?

As any new Call Of Duty entry in the series, a lot of new things are added. Black Ops 4 isn’t any different.

here are some of the new additions into the series:

  • Black Out:
  • New Specialists
  • New Zombies experience
  • No Auto-Healing In Multiplayer
  • Black Ops Pass
  • My opinion on the game


Black Out:

The brand new Call Of Duty: Black Out "Battle Royale mode" is something new and refreshing, while it still holds similarities as every other Battle Royale game, Black Out is actually a sort of a compensation for the lack of a story mode.

In Black Out 88 players are dropped into the map (player cap might increase later).

Of Course, there are also vehicles including helicopters, cars, and boats.

Zombies will be in Black Out too, these mostly spawn around ‘’mystery boxes’’ which include powerful weapons and upgrades.

Lastly, in Black Out, there will be friendly fire in both duos and squads.


New Specialists:

Here is a list of all known specialists that we have encountered in the Beta and trailers:

  • Ajax – A Breacher with a ballistic shield and tactical 9-Bang grenade.
  • Battery – A Demolition expert with a war machine grenade launcher and a cluster grenade.
  • Crash – A Healer with a TAK-5 medical kit and assault ammunition pack.
  • Firebreak – An Area denial with flamethrower and reactor core.
  • Nomad – A Nature-lover with a dog and tripwire-equipped explosives.
  • Prophet – A Hunter with a tactical rifle and player-seeking shock mine.
  • Recon — An Intel operator with vision pulse and sensor darts.
  • Ruin – A Rusher with a “gravity slam” attack and grapple gun.
  • Seraph – A Tactician with a high-caliber revolver and deployable beacon.
  • Torque – A Defender with barricade and razor wire.


New Zombies Experience:

Right at the release of Black Ops 4, there will be 3 different zombie maps you can play.


Blood Of The Dead:

This map will be a lot like Mob Of The Dead from Black Ops 2, you will be playing in Alcatraz prison, Portals are opening due to Richtofen’s influence, you’re trying to discover the secrets hidden in its laboratory.


Voyage of despair:

this map is taking place on a doomed Titanic ship in 1912, you’ll find yourself and perhaps some friends dealing with a threat far worse than a mere iceberg in search of a mysterious artifact.



Perhaps the craziest of all three maps, it takes place in ancient Rome, which means... No guns!

That’s right, no guns, in this map you’ll fight together with your friends against hordes of zombies with only melee weapons and bows. It’s crazy what the devs at Treyarch can do.


No Auto-Healing in Multiplayer:

Yep, you heard that right, what they did in COD: WW2 they dared to do in Black Ops 4, you have a rechargeable healing kit which makes the game a lot more tactical, I wouldn’t doubt it if they ever add classic mode into the game where you have auto-healing back, but for that we’ll have to wait and see.


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - Black Ops Pass:

Treyarch has announced the Black Ops Pass, a new way that the season pass is handled, this is the content that you’ll be expecting:

  • 12 extra Multiplayer maps
  • 4 extra/new zombie maps
  • exclusive skins for Call of Duty: Blackout


however the maps won’t be released just like all the other season passes, Treyarch will try to release the maps more frequently instead of every 3/4 months.

Treyarch hasn’t confirmed the price yet and whether or not you will be able to buy everything on its own, or that you need to have the Black Ops Pass.


My opinion on the game:

I think that the game will do decently, from what I have seen from all the gameplay trailers and gameplay on YouTube and Twitch. And I think that the game would suffice with only Battle Royale, mostly seen cause the Battle Royale genre is at its peak. From what I’ve seen of the normal multiplayer I’m very interested because I myself had lots of interesting moments with Black Ops 3. And for the fact that Black Ops 3 looks so much alike, it takes my attention quite a bit. Even though not too much is known about the zombie mode, I will still be waiting to see how it’s going to turn out to be, mostly because of the Black Ops series nailing the zombie mode the most, compared to others.